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The Committee


Through its Committee, the Club is run by the members, for the members.  


The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Club.  Its structure and responsibilities are set out within its Terms of Reference which can be found on the notice board within the clubhouse.  


The Committee is headed by the Club President, John Prince and meet approximately every six weeks.  Minutes from each meeting are available to view by all members – copies can be found on the notice board within the clubhouse. 


An Annual General Meeting is held each November, which all members are welcome to attend.  


The current Committee members and their roles are:

  • Men’s Captain - Chris Dent

  • Men’s Vice Captain - Dominic Moret   

  • Ladies Captain - Melanie Burt

  • Ladies Vice Captain - Nicky Feltham 

  • Membership Secretary - Neil Bedford

  • Junior Secretary - Alexia King

  • Social Secretary - John Franklin                

  • Hon. Treasurer - Kevin Power

  • Joint Secretaries - Warren Williamson & Eileen Nutting                 

  • General Committee - Lynne O'Brien                          

  • General Committee - Scott Bowran 

  • General Committee - Nicole Borzatti 


Non-Elected Officers:


  • President - John Prince

  • Vice president - Frank Fennell

  • Head Coach - Chris Dent

  • Coach - Alexia King

  • Carshalton Courts Representative - John Prince

  • Hon. Auditor - Chris Nutting

  • Bar Steward - Don Haley

Please feel free to contact any member of the Committee, should you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of how the Club is being run or managed.

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