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On the 31st December 1911 Sir Crichton-Browne signed the deeds for the purchase of ten and a half acres of land from the Carshalton Park Estate. Sir Crichton-Browne was a doctor by profession and keen to promote outdoor games for young people. His wish was that part of the land should remain "open ground" and as a result in 1912 Carshalton Lawn Tennis Club was founded.


In 1926 Sir Crichton-Browne passed ownership to six members of the Club who became directors and formed Carshalton Courts Ltd. to look after the Club's interests. One of the directors, Mr. Edwards purchased a first World War hut to be used as a clubhouse and this continued to be used until 2001 when the new clubhouse was built.


In 1950, the Club replaced the grass courts with five shale courts which continued in use until 1991. Loans from members, the Sutton Sports Council and the LTA enabled the Club to upgrade two courts to all weather with floodlights.  Two further all weather courts followed, plus a practice wall.


In 2001 the Club successfully won lottery funding to build a new clubhouse and add an additional court making a total of seven, with new floodlighting installed on four of the courts. The tennis player Mark Cox opened the new facilities, which remain in use today.


In 2012 the Club celebrated its centenary with a Gala Dinner attended by many former and current members. 


In the 100 years since the Club was founded, it has seen two World Wars and many significant changes and it is a tremendous achievement that it continues to thrive, indeed it is more successful now than in any time since its formation. It is often quoted as being one of the friendliest and family orientated tennis clubs in Surrey.  

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